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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.9702

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.9702

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WJRR Earthday Birthday 2024 in Orlando

WJRR Earthday Birthday 2024 in Orlando

WJRR Earthday Birthday 2023 in Orlando

Now in its 31st year, Earthday Birthday is the longest-running rock festival in Florida. The hard-rocking, WJRR-sponsored event takes place on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.

Rockin’ Performances at Earthday Birthday ’24

Nearly a dozen rock groups will take the stage at the festival. Some of this year’s headliners include:

  • Staind:

    Staind has been in the American rock scene for nearly 30 years, having first formed in 1995. With seven studio albums on their belt, Staind has released Billboard hits like “It’s Been Awhile,” “Fade,” “For You,” “Price to Play,” “So Far Away,” and “Right Here.”

  • Seether:

    Fans of hard rock and post-grunge definitely know this South African rock band. With their gold-selling debut Disclaimer, Seether is known for classics like “Gasoline,” “Fine Again,” and “Driven Under.” Find these songs and celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary on their expanded reissue of Disclaimer.

  • Asking Alexandria:

    This one is for the metalheads: Asking Alexandria is coming to WJRR Earthday Birthday this year, and they’re bringing some of their hottest hits with them. They’re best known for songs like “The Final Episode,” “A Prophecy,” “Not the American Average,” “Moving On,” and “I Won’t Give In.”

  • Dayseeker:

    Coming from one Orange County to another is Dayseeker, an American post-hardcore band. Some of their most well known songs include “Sleeptalk,” “Starving To Be Empty,” “Without Me,” and “Crying While You’re Dancing.”

  • Ayron Jones:

    Dabbling in a little bit of everything comes Ayron Jones, an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. His songs blend sounds of grunge, rock, hip-hop, and soul and produce hits like “Take Me Away,” “Mercy,” “Supercharged,” and “Blood In the Water.”

  • Fozzy:

    Having been in the metal game for nearly 25 years, Fozzy has taken the metal music industry by storm with their five Top 20 singles. The band truly gained acclaim with the 2012 release of their album Sin and Bones, which features hits like “Sandpaper” and “She’s My Addiction.”

Other exciting acts at Earthday Birthday include Tim Montana, Austin Meade, Soil, Sleep Theory, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, and plenty more to be announced.

Exciting Events and Showcases

The fun continues away from the stages. At the Art and Charity Walk, you can admire and purchase the work of talented Central Florida artists. With exciting vendors, food trucks, and a BMX demonstration, Earthday Birthday 2024 has something for everyone.

Rock Out at Rosen Plaza

If you’re looking for a place to stay during Earthday Birthday, look no further than Rosen Plaza. Our clean and comfortable rooms will keep you close to the action in Orlando.

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