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Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19

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Notification from Rosen Plaza.

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Rosen's Total Commitment

Enhanced Technology Broadband

Rosen Hotels & Resorts® is partnered with Cisco and CDW to perform a detailed assessment of the existing network infrastructure throughout each of the seven Rosen Hotels & Resorts properties. These enhancements equate to over $1 Million dollars of investment on behalf of the Organization to ensure that Rosen Hotels & Resorts is properly positioned to handle the increasing technology demands for not only today but tomorrow, as well.

All three Rosen convention hotels have been upgraded to an 802.11n, self-healing wireless network offering greater wireless coverage, increased capacity and higher speeds to meet the demands of today’s wireless consumer. Phase II of the core redesign for Rosen Hotels & Resorts focused on the fiber ring that connects the Rosen campus network to facilitate administrative and guest internet services. This enhancement will support future technology requirements within the mobility and interactive in-room TV aspects of the Rosen network to deliver cutting-edge amenities directly to guests.

In conjunction with these enhancements, Rosen Hotels & Resorts is focused on offering a myriad of products that are designed to create a reliable and controlled end-user experience. Scalable bandwidth options, at the device level, will help to ensure that every event is a success for everyone and not just a few.