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Circling Back on Your New Year Resolutions: How to Get Back on Track

Circling Back on Your New Year Resolutions: How to Get Back on Track

By: Gabriela Lobo

We all remember the ambitious person we were when the clock struck midnight on December 31. That person set lovely goals for the year and had high hopes of staying committed.  

However, six months later, life got in the way.  

A mid-year check-in is the perfect way to re-align with your goals for a strong finish. Let’s dive into how to get back on track with your New Year Resolutions. 

New Year Resolution - How to get back on track

Re-Read New Year Resolutions  

When we create goals for our future self, it’s easy to get caught up in our chaotic life. This can even result in us forgetting these goals.  

A great way to remember these ambitions we set is to have them posted in a visible place you often see. This can mean hanging them in your home, saving them as your screensaver, or even having them hanging in your car.  

Re-read them at least once every two weeks to remind yourself what you’re working towards. 

Set Up Action Items 

Unfortunately, reading them and hoping for the best is not enough. To achieve your goals, it’s critical to set up measurable action items for yourself.  

Think of it like a work project, after the goal is identified, next is the strategy-planning of how to generate results.  

For example, a common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. To optimize this goal for success, we suggest figuring out exactly how you’re going to lose weight.  

The goal should look more complex like, “I will aim to lose at least 4 pounds every month by doing 1 hour of cardio 4 times a week and eating clean 5 times a week.”   

Your action items here are the weekly cardio and clean eating habits. The goal is more defined and is split up within reasonable time frames to make it easily digestible for you.  

Find New Incentives  

The best way to stay motivated is with little incentives that make working towards your goal more enjoyable.  

Another common New Year resolution is to gain less screen time. A great incentive for this is to book new activities to keep yourself away from your devices. This can be workout classes/sports, unique experiences, or even more travel.  

There are tons of ways to stay occupied in Orlando and if you’re staying at the luxurious Rosen Plaza, take some time to indulge the seasonally heated swimming pool.   

Find a couple of incentives that work for your personal goals and see your motivation shoot up.  

New Year Resolution - How to get back on track - use incentives like pool at Rosen Plaza

Create Accountability Checks 

Don’t allow yourself to give up on your goals easily. Find a friend, partner, or family member who is willing to help you on your journey. This person should check up on you periodically and encourage you to keep going.  

This outside influence will force you to either let them down or push you to do better. The hope is the latter option overpowers you to success.  

Give Yourself Grace 

While we all strive to become the best version of ourselves. It’s very important to be kind to yourself and give yourself grace.  

Some things are simply out of your control and that can affect whether your goals are still attainable. We encourage you to take some time to reflect on your life and re-adjust any goals that no longer align.  

Ultimately, these goals are only meant to improve your life, not make it harder.  

Stay on Track at Rosen Plaza 

Don’t let an Orlando trip throw you off course. A stay at Rosen Plaza gives you plenty of options to continue your commitment to your New Year’s resolution.  

Whether it be at our state-of-the-art fitness center, our stunning pool area, or our array of dining choices 

You’ll find exactly what you need to help you on your way to your goals.  

Book your blissful stay today.  

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