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To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.9702

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.9702

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.9702

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Alexa Becomes Rosen Hotels & Resorts’ Newest Meeting Planning Tool

Rosen Hotels & Resorts harnesses the power of the Amazon Echo Devices to aid meeting planners

For more information, contact:
Robert Hubler
407-639-4212, rhubler@RosenHotels.com

ORLANDO (April 11, 2019) – Rosen Hotels & Resorts’ staff is well known for providing on-the-spot answers to meeting planners’ questions; but now, they are harnessing the power of Alexa to take it to a new level – another example of the Rosen Difference®. The Ask Rosen skill for Amazon Alexa is now live and it is skyrocketing Rosen’s award-winning customer-response time to immediate. Meeting planners can enable the Ask Rosen skill on their Amazon Echo device and then simply say, “Alexa, Ask Rosen…” to access all the information they need about Rosen’s three award-winning Orlando convention hotels – Rosen Plaza, Rosen Centre and Rosen Shingle Creek.

The Ask Rosen campaign is the latest in a series of successful Rosen Revealed marketing campaigns from Rosen Hotels & Resorts that help engage meeting planners and make the planning process easier. The campaign recently won Gold and Silver ADDY Awards at the Greater Orlando Advertising Federation and a Gold ADDY Award at the Florida District annual awards celebrating the state’s best sales and marketing programs. Existing meeting planners may receive an Echo device from the sales team, but all planners can access the Ask Rosen Alexa skill on any device through the Amazon library. Programmed with hundreds of answers, Ask Rosen gives instantaneous access to the details, facts and stats that set Rosen properties above the rest.

Ask Rosen is the first Alexa hotel skill developed specifically for meeting planners as an educational tool. Planners who have received an Echo device are “echo”-ing Rosen’s excitement over the new technology. Early feedback shows that being able to get answers right away is key.

Meg Pisani, Sr. Director Supplier Relations, Maritz, calls the sales tool “a stroke of genius. I love the Ask Rosen Alexa skill and branded Echo device, and look forward to having Ask Rosen answer all my meeting questions!”

While Rosen provides multiple resources for planners to get information, no option is faster or more convenient than being able to Ask Rosen in the moment, like while in a planning meeting. This technology helps planners better meet tight deadlines and streamline the planning process, so meeting professionals can instead focus on making their meetings memorable.

The Ask Rosen skill contains valuable answers regarding facts about convention hotel guestrooms, amenities, and food and beverage; Orlando information, like hotel distances from the airport or the Orange County Convention Center; and statistics on each hotel’s meeting space capabilities and flexibility. The skill even has personal testimonials from Rosen president and COO, Harris Rosen, regarding Rosen Hotels & Resorts’ history, as well as Rosen’s philanthropic efforts.

“The best promo idea ever! The Ask Rosen-branded Amazon Echo device now proudly lives on my desk. We all listened to Mr. Rosen’s message. Cool idea!” says Deb Fafard, Dunkin’ Brands.

Dr. Rosanne White, Executive Director, Student Technology Association, describes the Ask Rosen as “the most fun, personalized meeting tool ever. I can’t wait to hear what I can learn about Rosen Hotels & Resorts!”

Now, the only thing planners need for a flawless event are three simple words: “Alexa, Ask Rosen…”

For more information, please visit AskRosen.com or RosenHotels.com/ROI or call 407-996-4890.

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