To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.9702

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.9702

To Make Reservations, Please Call (407) 996.9702

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I have to admit the thought of doing a large company dinner party with hundreds of attendees from the four corners of the world was extremely daunting as I had been to many high-end events, but never actually been responsible for hosting one. From the onset of working with the amazing team at the Rosen Plaza, my concerns were quickly eliminated. Within minutes of telling Julie and John what we needed, they offered the 3NINE as the best choice for our venue. It was quite impressive with a great dance floor, vibrant lighting , lots of luxurious seating and a dedicated bar all set with a “cool vibe” perfect for our party. As we set the plans into place, John, Julie and our amazing event coordinator, Dorian, understood and accommodated our menu needs, music preferences and budget with excellent suggestions to make our event truly special.

As excited as we were for the party, we were not prepared for how really elegant l the venue looked when our employees started arriving. Additional seating had been brought in and an incredible banquet had been arranged at stations around the room. The inclusion of the pool area and bar added even more seating options and great atmosphere. The food and service were beyond our expectations, with elaborate serving stations and truly excellent food all being presented by a top-notch serving staff.

When the dinner was over, the incredible staff seamlessly shifted the room to a “rockin” dance club topped off by an exceptional DJ, who instantly got people onto the dance floor. Most of our team danced the night away, with many remarking that it was the best company event they had ever attended. I can truly say that the Rosen Team, and in particular sets a new level in service, food, value and fun. Even for a “Rookie” like me.

Best regards,

Shaun Mymudes | Chief Operations Officer | SolidCAM Inc.

Dear Derek and Jay

I Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how enjoyable was my stay at the Rosen Plaza this past weekend.

When you go to a place and you get the good service that you are expecting, it kind of passes unnoticed on your mind because that is what you were expecting.

But when you see everything so perfect like I saw at the Rosen Plaza, you feel compelled to write to somebody and say “hey, congratulations, what a good job you are doing here.”.

Everything was perfect. The room was very nice, clean, nicely decorated, great bed. The corridor to my room was impeccably clean, the elevators were shinning.

The breakfast at café Matisse was first class and all the servers and other staff members were very polite and friendly.

My wife and I had an incredible night at Jack’s Place. Food was fantastic, servers and other staff members treated us like King and Queen. Sometimes I am very picky about the menu, wanting to change things, getting items from different menu items to create my own plate, but I had no problems.

If you do this in Paris they probably will kick you out of the restaurant! I don’t have enough words to describe how good was out dinner at Jack’s. And the pool! So clean, so nice! The temperature of the water was great. The pool was bigger than I expected and I had no problems doing my swim laps. (other guests were doing the same around 9 AM and they were very pleased with the pool). The front desk and the lobby were also very nice and clean.

The gym was bigger than I expected and had good equipment. (Nothing broken). The whole atmosphere of the hotel can be defined as classy, cozy and with a very friendly crew ready to pamper you.


Luiz Ferreira