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3 Easy Tips to Staying Fit While on Vacation

3 Easy Tips to Staying Fit While on Vacation

By: Brianna Plato

Excited for your upcoming trip but worried about slipping on your workout routine?

A woman working out on a yoga matt staying fit in her hotel gym.

No need to fret. Staying fit on vacation can be easy and fun.

Below are three simple tips to help you stay on track.

1. Make the Most Out of Your Hotel’s Fitness Center

Working out in a new environment can bring excitement to your routine. This can lead to an even better workout, exceeding your expectations.

The hotel gym also offer you the opportunity to meet new people who you may not have met otherwise new .

The best part about it is t? There is already a common interest in health and fitness, making the connection much stronger.

Rosen Plaza's hotel fitness center, complete with dumbells and machines for your needs.

Next time you’re staying at Rosen Plaza, be sure to try out the fitness center and push yourself for an excellent workout.

2. Swim Laps Around the Hotel Pool

You don’t need to sacrifice your cardio for a sunny visit to your hotel’s pool. You absolutely can and should spend as much time by the pool during your trip.

However, if you’re feeling guilty for skipping the gym for some pool time, consider swimming a few laps to get your body moving.

This low-impact activity is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn some calories. The best part is that you can go straight into relaxation mode on a lounge chair under the sun when you finish.

3. Start Your Morning with Full Body Stretches

Sleeping in a foreign place can be taxing on the body, and your travels are likely to be filled with tons of walking. To combat this and keep you fit while on the go, start your morning routine with deep stretches.

Taking 15 to 20 minutes to complete a full body stretch will make a world of difference on your day. Remember to focus on your breathing and hold each pose for up to a minute to help your body feel refreshed and ready for any adventure.

A woman doing her daily stretching.

Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day and drink more water than usual as your body will need it. This is especially key if you’re staying in the Sunshine State where the heat can be unforgiving.

Staying Fit at Rosen Plaza

During your next Orlando stay, prioritize your fitness journey with a Health & Wellness package from Rosen Plaza.

This includes a daily breakfast for two, access to the state-of-the-art fitness center, two bottles of water upon check-in, and more.

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