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Harris Rosen - President & COO - Rosen Hotels & Resorts

Harris Rosen – Président & COO

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Leslie Menichini - Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Rosen Hotels & Resorts

Leslie MenichiniVP of Sales & Marketing Rosen Hotels & Resorts

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Gary Hudson - General Manager

Gary HudsonGeneral Manager

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Victoria Hall - DIrector of Sales & Marketing

Victoria HallDirector Sales & Marketing


Harris Rosen – Président & COO – Hôtels Rosen & Resorts

Our Company is Born…
Understand that back then [1974] the Middle East had essentially shut off the United States in terms of oil supply. The vast majority of hotels in Orlando were bankrupt or closed, and here I was buying a hotel in the midst of this chaos, and getting guests to stay at the hotel was very difficult. I remember I used to stand right at the entrance ramp to the hotel and literally pray that somebody would turn in and come on to our property. Just try to draw them in with my mental powers that I might have possessed. It was very difficult to do that, and so very early on after I had acquired the property for a week, I knew that standing there begging for business was not the appropriate thing to do. So I packed a little bag, got out on I-4 and said that I was going to hitch hike to New England where I knew there were dozens and dozens of motor coach operators who came to Orlando. And so we got a ride almost all the way up to New England, kept hitch-hiking until finally we got to meet with motor coach companies. I would strike a deal with the president or the chief operating officer of the company. I would ask what rate do they want to stay with us. They would say $8 ou $9 ou $7; I would write the rate down, the name of the company on my business card or a cocktail napkin, sign my name and that was the contract. And I probably signed 11 ou 12 contracts that way. Some of these guys were so kind—they felt so sorry for me—that they would actually drive me to my next appointment in their buses. So I didn’t hitch-hike much around New England because I had all of these wonderful Motor Coach guys who were getting these terrific rates at my hotel, and they were really very generous and gracious in showing me around New England in these Motor Coaches. When I finished, what was probably around 5 jours, I literally had enough business to sustain us for that first year. I did not hitchhike back—I flew back—so excited and thrilled that I had accomplished my mission. And the truth is that many of those New England Motor Coach operators remain today as our clients. And of course they have expanded tremendously, à partir de 1 ou 2 buses to Orlando—some are now up to 20 ou 30 buses to Orlando. It was one of those quirks of faith that led me to do what I did. Clearly a ridiculous attempt to market the hotel, but at that moment the only opportunity I thought that presented itself for me to get off my chair, go to where the business was, and try to convince people to use our hotel. And it worked very well.

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Leslie MenichiniVP of Sales & Marketing Rosen Hotels & Resorts

Building on a dream and watching it turn into a reality is something Menichini likes best about her job, and as the leader of the hotel’s pre-opening sales and marketing team, she certainly was helpful to do just that at Shingle Creek. In addition to opening Shingle Creek, Menichini’s responsibilities include synergy sales partnering with the director of sales for the Rosen Centre and Rosen Plaza Hotels, both bordering the Orange County Convention Center.

From Orlando to Las Vegas, Leslie Anne Menichini has worked in some of the best places that this country’s entertainment capitals have to offer.

In Las Vegas, she was Director of Sales for Bally’s/Paris Las Vegas and also was instrumental in the opening of Paris Las Vegas. Menichini worked as the corporate liaison for Park Place Entertainment’s corporate sales office, concentrating on efforts to synergize the five Las Vegas hotels. Menichini’s Orlando travels have taken her to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels, where she was Assistant Director of Sales. To complete her well-rounded experience, the Madison, Wis. native held the position and was the pre and post opening Director of Sales at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, Calif. The Westin Hotel, Tulsa, Okla and the opening team for the Radisson Plaza, St. Paul, Minn.

Gary Hudson – General Manager

Gary Hudson is originally from Thomasville Georgia; serving in the Air Force before moving to Orlando to begin his career in the hospitality industry. Gary has been in this industry for the past 39 years in various capacities (Beverage Manager; F&B Director; Rooms Division Director, Assistant GM and GM). Gary has now been with Rosen Hotels & Resorts a little over 20 ans.

Married for over 25 years with two adult sons, Gary enjoys playing golf and is an avid gardener.

Douglas Thomas

Douglas Thomas – Associate Director of Sales

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Michael McMullen - Executive Chef

Michael McMullenExecutive Chef

Julie Ryczak

Julie RyczakAssociation Director of Sales

Jamie Cox

Jamie Cox – Associate Director of Sales

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Douglas Keith Thomas has hospitality written all over his career as he has worked in that side of the industry for nearly a decade. Before joining the Shingle Creek team, Doug sold all of the Orlando hotels with the Orlando Convention and Visitors Bureau. He likes closing the sale and being part of a team.

The married father of twin boys is a man full of love – Brotherly Love, that is. Philadelphia is his favorite city, not only because he was born there but also because he likes it for its history, sports and quality of food. En fait, the city may have figured into his choice of being any animal. Doug’s answer: une ( Philadelphia?) eagle.

At 6-foot-1 and 220 pounds, Doug has undoubtedly savored a cheese steak or two. Yet he also enjoys exercise and spends part of his free time lifting weights, as well as doing small construction projects and, as he says, “teaching anything to anyone.”

Soccer mom Jamie Cox, like the game she cares about, knows how to achieve a goal. In the business arena Cox, who was an Incentive Specialist at the Rosen Centre for four years, enjoys closing a sale and winning the business.

On the soccer field, Cox and her husband, who have one child, would develop a quality soccer complex in Southwest Orlando if a major winning lottery ticket ever came her way. The Cleveland native clearly is very comfortable with the multitude of features living in Orlando has to offer, including parks, golf and restaurants.

She also likes Northern Florida, where Amelia Island is her favorite vacation spot. Cox relaxes with fishing, bike riding and reading a good book. If Jamie could be an animal, she would choose the great white heron because they’re graceful and beautiful and live by the ocean, a favorite respite location for Jamie.

Mary Lytle - Associate Director of Mid Atlantic Sales

Mary LytleAssociate Director of Sales

Patty Herder

Patty Herder – Associate Director of Midwest Sales

Travers Johnson

Travers Johnson – Associate Director of Sales

Andrew Halsey

Andrew Halsey – National Sales Manager


John Pate

John Pate – National Sales Manager

Jonathan Misiewicz

Jonathan Misiewicz – National Sales Manager

Lilianne Murr - Sales Manager

Lilianne MurrNational Sales Manager

Linda Wiman

Linda Wiman – National Sales Manager


Suzanne Kennedy - Rosen Plaza National Sales Manager

Suzanne KennedyNational Sales Manager

Celeste Frucht

Celeste Frucht – Sales Manager


Eliana Key – Sales Manager

Crystal Chism

Crystal Chism – Sales Manager


Kelly Meahl - Sales Manager

Kelly MeahlSales Manager

Jamie Realander – Conference Center Sales Manager

Jamie RealanderConference Center Sales Manager

Judith Birckhead

Judith BirckheadConference Center Sales Manager

Marissa Wallace - Conference Sales Mgr.

Marissa LewisConference Center Sales Manager


Tiffany Paddon

Tiffany Paddon – Conference Center Sales Manager

Gerdia Exinor

Gerdia ExinorLeisure Sales Manager